Digital Keyless Electronic Code Door Lock Home Programmable Entry Keypad Knob

Exquisite appearance, rational structure, safe and reliable.
High quality, low price, safe&cheap.
Very easy to operate, suitable for office, house and apartment.
Especially suitable for installation by nonprofessionals
In installation, just use the existing knob lock hole, no need to open another holes.
The keypad is backlite, more convenient at Night.
The keypad is waterproof,but lock is not waterproof.
There are ten passwords, including 1 master password, and 9 sub passwords, which are easy to manage.
Change Master password and Sub passwords freely.
Master password can be used to add or delete any sub password.
The fired user can be deleted individually by Master password, without any affect on the normal application of the lock by the other users.
One-Key opening function(Passage Mode) :Press any digital key to open the lock.
Encryption function , for confusing any spies watching as the User code being entered.
Low battery alarming function.
Easy to replace batteries , without affect the information of passwords.
Outer-emergent power supply opening function.
Resetting function.  When forget the password, or some something unusual, after resetting, it can be normal.
American standard tubular latch.
Free rotating handle is adopted to avoid unlock by violence.
 Dimension of escutcheon
External escutcheon dimension:55MM
Internal escutcheon dimension:  82MM
Usage voltage
DC6V, 1.5V”AAA” (4 alkaline batteries)
Emergent power source: DC 6V battery
Power consumption
Static current:  ≤10uA
Dynamic current:≤400 mA
Operating environment
operationg temperature: -15℃- +65℃
operating temperature: 10%-95% RH
Main Part
External escutcheon: Zinc alloy
Internal escutcheon: Zinc alloy
Main Latch: High C alloy+ High carbon steel+ Zinc alloy
Package included:
1set Keyless Electronic Digital Lock